Dead Island has ,what seemed to me, a very small, uninteresting story. This game, however, has many good qualities to it. The design and layout are impressively well designed. The fast-travel system allows you to avoid much walking when going from safe-house to safe-house. The weapon customization, talent trees, and countless side quests help give an RPG experience to this game. The quality of the weapon precision system adds to the quality of the game. After testing Dead Rising, I must say that this game does not have any timed quests. Playing with your friends can also add to the fun.

This game had many down falls as well. Weapon durability was a major flaw in the game design, as it limited you to how many zombies you could kill with your specially customized weapons. But, weapon durability also added a realism effect to the game, which is a plus. Stamina also added to the realism, but seemed to hurt the gameplay. Guns were brought into the game in the Second Act, which I found very surprising, as I thought guns would be found t the beginning of the game. The storage system was poorly designed because it limited to how many weapons you can carry, along with the limit of ammunition.

This game was an average zombie game with a few RPG elements added into it. Replay value is low due to stamina and weapon durability. If you are going to buy this game, consider weapon durability and stamina limiting you in every combat situation.