After playing the dissapointing Dead Rising 2, I established a list of things I would want in the perfect zombie game. Dead Island manages to knock out almost all of these in one quick stomp to the head.

Huge Open World: Check

Better Progression System: Check

Better Oppurtunities For Side Objectives: Check

More Efficient First Person Melee Combat: Check

Better, Smoother Gunplay: Check

Weapon Variety: Super Check

 Dead Island single-handedly added a new chapter to the zombie genre with its innovative combination of a straight-up zombie genocide with an RPG. The leveling up and progrssion system is fantastic as it adds new elements of play into the game as you go along, so it doesn't get boring. The repair, upgrade, and customization forces gamers to make decisions they hadn't previously been forced to make in zombie game before, and I love it. The huge amounts of weapons and upgrade possibilities adds a deeper level of creativity to the game.

The cooperative integration makes for some unforgettable times with friends as you work together to complete an enormous quantity of main and side quests, so you never run out of stuff to do. The controls in both combat and the very awesome driving are streamlined and very easy to grasp. Even if you don't have anyone to play with, these features, along with stunning graphics and great audio, make for an equally rewarding solo experience. The fact that your enemies level up with you means that the game remains at a perfect difficulty, not to easy, but not unbearably hard.

If you get past the complicated menu structure and the occasional unfair zombie spawning behind you, Dead Island is a must-have for any fan of playing co-op or flying solo. In overall cooperative fun, only Left 4 Dead timeless mechanic has it beat.