I know my idea isn't original when I say it but this game wasn't that creative but I have to agree completely. The game is amazingly fun and I enjoyed almost every minute while playing it. It was like Borderlands to me, one fun playthrough and then on your second playthrough you gotta do it all again to get the same stuff. I can at least the free roam felt a bit more, free roam, than Borderlands did. It doesn't feel nearly as confined and I put a good 40+ hours into this game running around smashing zombies heads in.

The game was always keeping me busy with my weapons about to break in my hand, needing to repair them constantly and so on. I was always trying to find a way to get all the zombies spread apart and laying down so I could jump on their head with my new cool perk. My biggest beef with this game is that once you spent a skill point, unlike Borderlands, you are stuck with it and you cannot redistribute it ever, so every time you put a skill point in make it count.

I did not like the story of this game, it failed to offer anything surprisingly new for a plot. It was cheesy and cliche in more ways than I expected.

The co-op was another problem for me like it was in Borderlands, RPGs and co-op don't mix easily. Keep that in mind that I say easily not impossibly or well. I had a friend who beat literally 50% of the game with 3 other people and then left the group and he got back on the next day and he was at the same level and everything but with no story progression. Borderlands seemed to do this too, I believe there is a way to make an RPG with an element of multiplayer that can work but not with the vanilla map or questlines.

However, this was a very fun and entertaining game that deserves a good play from any zombie and/or casual RPG player.