With all the major hype for this game when the cinematic (and dramatic) teaser came out, Dead Island turns out to be a decent zombie RPG with free-roaming elements.

First and foremost, play the game on multiplayer. It becomes much more fun when you play with friends.

Secondly, the graphics are great and the zombies do look creepy. The island itself is nothing short of palm trees, beaches, and corpse-invested resorts. The atmosphere sends out a feeling of emptiness and fear of whats around the corner.

Gameplay is the game's strong suit and has a decent RPG feel to it. Characters have different strengths and branch out to different abilities. Melee weapons are actually more useful than firearms (considering the rarity of the latter). At times, it can get a bit wacky as you can punch and kick zombies and see them flying across the map. (The game plays almost like Fallout 3.)

Music and voice-acting is likable but also forgettable. Nothing too special save for the somber piano theme we all know and love.

Overall, the game plays out exactly how it was advertised to be: a a free-roaming zombie-RPG game that has some qualities to be considered a precursor to greatness but falls short due to hype and some repetition.