Dead Island is one of the most enjoyable open world action games that i have played in a long time. the game play is fun. the controls, while a bit complicated at first, are tight once you figure them out, and the various weapon types provide a little something for everyone.

The plot is paper thin (it doesn't even bother to explain how all of the survivors meet up together) and absolutely full of cheesy cliches, but that was what i expected going into it.

The real fun here of course is getting to kill zombies in many many many different ways. This never gets old, and cracking a bone or severing a limb is a blast every time. the level progression system and inventory are also well handled (again once you understand how to use them).

The bigget problem i had with the game was that it failed to holf my interest for the entire game. I began doing every quest i came across and exploring every nook anc cranny i could find. By the time i reached the third map, i was playing the whole game bare bones and going strictly from point A to point B.

Dead Island is certainly the most fun Zombie game out right now and i would recommend it to anyone looking for a good time, provided that you are in it for the long haul.