What can I say about Dead Island? Well first off, this game is a bloody mess. No pun intended. When this game was first announced I rolled my eyes thought to myself, "Do we really need another zombie game?" Months later I saw the trailer with everything in reverse and thought it had a really cool tone and perhaps maybe an emotional story. Maybe it would in a sense redefine zombie games.

Well I was obviously wrong. For starters, the story and emotional depth I was expecting is completely non existant. I usually listen to all dialogue to flesh out the story and understand the plot. Nope. Not here. After the first hour I knew right away that story was not the intent

I have a love, hate relationship to the combat. On one hand it is extremely satisfying to cut limbs off of your undead foes and make the ground red with their blood. On the other hand it got repetitive real fast. The game can last anywhere from 10 to 25 hours depending on if you do sidequests or listen to the dialogue(which i did not). It was around the second major area in the game that combat was getting stale. When I found my first gun I was pretty happy, thinking this ould add a change of pace to gameplay. Again I was wrong. The shooting mechanics are poor, and not at all satisfying.

This game looks fairly good, but has extremely bad texture issues. Often I found that whenever I loaded into an area the textures were extremely muddy and had to load for a good 3-6 seconds before the detail appeared. Some of the vistas in the game look really cool, especially the hotel/beach area. Everything after that was honestly pretty forgettable. The second area is a fairly empty city. It's huge but besides a lot of zombies and ocassional sidequests that brought you into random houses, the area had a vacant feeling. The same can be said for the jungle area. Again, nothing remarkable about that setting as well.

Perhaps the most complained about thing in Dead Island are its glitches and sometimes game breaking bugs. For instance, on a quest I had to escort and NPC to a certain area. On the way you are ambushed by several zombies and other more powerful archetypes. So I died the first time and the NPC died as well. So I reloaded the checkpoint and wound up in a situation where the NPC is in combat with the enemies, so I have to sprint over there and try to help. Again I die and respawn at the same checkpoint over and over again until all my weapons become useless form the degrade affect. It wasn't until I had a friend come help me that I actually progressed.

This game boasted a big game earlier on in the year, but after playing it was honestly one of the more painful gaming experiences this year. I know this sounds like I am being biased because I believe the whole zombie "fad" needs to go away, but this is how I called it. Please, if you have any questions or comments ask. Give me some feedback and even criticism and I will gladly take it. Thanks for reading.