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Dead Island

Dead Island Launch Trailer Is Super Bloody

Dead Island releases in a week, and we've got one last look at the game before you begin killing zombies. This trailer shows off the game's cinematics, grisly locales, and of course a plethora of ways to dispatch the undead.

I think that the gore in Dead Island could come close to matching the over-the-top nature of Fallout 3. You can be the judge when the game arrives on September 6.

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  • ..jk this isnt youtube
  • This game better be buck, i need something to play....

  • They should've done something like this in the teaser trailer, instead of making it look all emotional
    EDIT: What I meant was they made the teaser misleading (as John Hollingsworth said in the comments). I'm sure it wouldn't of had as much publicity, but rather than fasley hyping people up... but I suppose the publisher was just doing their jobs. But the end product isn't quite what people hoped for.
  • This game is either going to be amazing or it's going to be a dud. I don't think I have been more unsure about a game all this year. I really want this to be the zombie game of my dreams, but I have my reservations.
  • Mod
    Gonna have to be a rental for now. Looks like another great zombie game to play with my friends. I'd love a soundtrack for this game tho, the music is incredible.
  • this is a day 1 must have!!!! 4 player co-op too!!! its on zombies!!!!

  • I can never get over the fact that the developer says that guns are a rare commodity in this game, but everytime I see a video about it there are guns everywhere.
  • The black chick in the trailer sounds just like Miranda from Mass Effect 2, same voice actor/actress?

  • this looks good, the fps looks a a bit choppy. It's on my wish list but I'll wait to see what GI thinks about it.

  • I cant wait!!!

  • I think I'm going to have to wait for a couple of ratings to come in before decide on buying or not, even though zombies are the new nazi's I never get bored of a good head-shot.
  • Isn't the color red great?

  • "Out now" ?
  • Ugh looks fantastic but I'm already planning with Dark Souls, Skyrim, and possibly MW3. The reviews are really going have to shine to compete with so many AAA games.
  • game reminds me of condemned but with zombies the 1st condemned reminded me of the 2nd resident evil but without zombies unless u consider drug addicts 2 b zombies which i do all fun games re1 still makes me poop my pants when im out of ammo
  • Still looking forward too it and if it's as good as I hope it is it'll be a good way to kick off my holiday lineup.

  • With this and Resistance 3, my September should be pretty good. Wait, doesn't Resident Evil 4 HD come out too?
  • i was born in 1970 and cant see the vid, it says the correct age on my profile but i still can see it. danm
  • Mod

    well this just reaffirms they make awesome trailers, but can they make a video game? i'm hoping the answer is a resounding "yes," as i need a left4dead type game for ps3.

  • What an awesome trailer. I'm hoping the game will be just as good, but Im sure it will (crosses fingers)

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