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  • Blog Post: Der Blob review

    De Blob was an interesting and fun experience. You play as a colorful blob that fights against an oppressive government that wishes to rid the world of color. The world is beautifully made and it is amazing to see the difference from the start of the level to the finish. Combat is not too complicated... More
  • Blog Post: One small step on INK corperation..

    Today i finished De Blob 2 so now i can review it,so here it goes... Controls:Good,though the last boss is wicked hard. Design:I love the style of the Building all the way to enemys Replay:High Music:You'll get the music stuck into your head in about 30 seconds. More
  • Blog Post: Somewhere Over de Rainbow

    de Blob 2 is a sequel to the sleeper hit cult classic 2008 Wii game, de Blob. In the game you control the eponymous Blob as he paints his way through city after city, fighting the evil forces of Comrade Black and inspiring the apathetic civilians along the way. It may play like a typical 3D platformer... More
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