De Blob was an interesting and fun experience. You play as a colorful blob that fights against an oppressive government that wishes to rid the world of color. The world is beautifully made and it is amazing to see the difference from the start of the level to the finish. Combat is not too complicated but a variety of enemy types makes sure that it never gets old. The best part about the game is of course painting the world and freeing its citizens from the colorless regime. 2D platforming segments are scattered across each level. I was surprised at how many of these there actually were and it is a fun change of pace from the regular game. The game too was also surprisingly long if you want to do bare minimum it will take you about 10 hrs but if you are a completionist and you want to do all the side objectives then that adds a considerable amount of time that you will spend playing. Here are some few things you may want to look at

Playability: Pretty easy targeting works very well but sometimes you will target something you didnt want. Other than that controls very well

Replay Value: Depends on what you do. If you do everything the first time there isnt much but there is alot to do the first playthrough if you do everything

Graphics: Cartoony but fits, color is center stage and it shines brilliantly. Many different locales in the game to explore adding variety

Sound: People talk in jibberish and its kind of funny til it gets annoying. Music is good for a while

Likeability: Charming cutscenes, polished gameplay and a colorful world make it a game thats hard to forget