de Blob 2 is a sequel to the sleeper hit cult classic 2008 Wii game, de Blob. In the game you control the eponymous Blob as he paints his way through city after city, fighting the evil forces of Comrade Black and inspiring the apathetic civilians along the way. It may play like a typical 3D platformer, but de Blob 2 is hardly unoriginal.

There's something genuinely satisfying about absorbing paint like a freshly opened sponge, only to unleash it on the grayscale buildings and streets, slowly turning the world into a technicolor mess. The more you paint, the louder the music will get, and before you know it the silent, black and white beachside town is a funky explosion of green, blue, orange, purple, red, and yellow. The citizens are out of their houses, cheering you on as you complete mission after mission.

Unique to the sequel is the inclusion of power ups, such as a hazmat suit that will let Blob swim in water without washing away his color, and a magnetic wrecking ball that allows Blob to roll across metal surfaces. When entering buildings the gameplay will switch to 2.5D, bringing a nice change of pace to the usual gameplay. Ala Super Mario Galaxy, a  second player can join in and take control of Blob's new sidekick Pinky who can assist blob in taking down enemies and painting the level.

With a great soundtrack, superb gameplay, and colorful(pun indeed intended) characters, the game oozes a Pixar-esque quality of charm. It's a shame then, that de Blob seems to overstay its welcome.

Doing missions in the levels will refill your timer, meaning you can't paint whatever you want, whenever you want until you beat the level and replay it. The levels are extremely long, taking anywhere from 60-90 minutes to complete, with no save function. It's frustrating that you're punished for needing to turn off the game.

Despite it's flaws, de Blob 2 is a wonderful sequel to a wonderful game, and regardless of what console you play it on, you're in for a delicious treat.