First Off: The Trailer? The Game Does NOT live up to that Teaser of an AWESOME Video. Bad/Ugly First as always:

1. Lack of Customization right off the bat...With Champions, City of Heroes, and Other super hero games, even considering Marvel games (Ultimate alliance), Almost each type is done well in those games. Not this one. Not much to choose from on Powers. Weapon/Combat wise? Yes. But powers such as Fire/Ice? No...Also where they come from is lacking. The Color changing is crappy, and their excuse was PVP? I can't make a guy with Black Ice as a Villain because...people might not know I have Ice powers? So it kills PVP aspect? Please...your Debuff and Damage's numbers could easily determine what style you are. They got lazy on this...and I guess I kind of Expected Lazyness with Sony.

2. The Naming System. Was just laughable...really? I couldn't put Spider-man but If I put Peter Parker it will take and They gave so much crap about making clones from other's silly. Even though I understand one of the comic book games got sued..still...I have a Dr. Doom Clone and I called him Doom Doctor....I still LOOK like Dr. Doom, but because of Copyright issues...(this portion was more of a warning, and not effecting my Review Score).

3. Chat System was horrendous. It was...straight...garbage. Not done properly in the least. Your Naughty Word Censorship is even say "Ass" in one of your cut scenes! (Supergirl/Wondergirl fight cutscene). But if you say something like Bass or Sass, you block every letter and input #$%@. and I could have said any other word. If the word it came after a word that ended in t, so it MIGHT form "tit" it blocks it. I.E. That it   Tha will be left and #%@$%#@ So if I asked some one in chat "Is that it?" it will block "Is tha#$%@?" Stupidly done...poorly done/not tested.

4. Items/Inventory is shoddy. Items are few, some items are done horribly wrong like Urban shoes has long socks that go OVER your pants -smh-...just..they need to be tested before putting them in. Weapons are few. There is like 5-6 skins of your weapon...and the only one to the updated ones is grinding tokens...

5. Difficulty/Boss Fights/Mobs are done very bad. Some glitch, some do more damage then warranted. The World Bosses go from Laughably easy to WTF JUST HIT ME? Grundy is prime Example and so is Bizzaro. Respawn Rate is down right NUTTY and overwhelming. Threat/Aggro is down right poor.

6. Level Cap is 30...After 30 it's grinding Tokens for Gear, which is poor...

7. PVP I...don't like one bit. Too many cookie-cutter types and so many stun moves/CC its ridiculous.

Last Statement for the Ugly isn't reflective of my score at all: Thanks to the Sony Hack, its a ghost town on a major level. PVP is a long waiting list, you might end up fighting the same people over and over who will steam roll you thanks to being a higher level. so New Players beware. It's not The Game Maker's fault, its just lake of interest in the game/lack of people coming back after the LONG hiatus thanks to the hacker issue.


The Awesome, why I gave this MMO of DC Universe a 7 .50

The Display of your character is done well. I've made a Green Lantern Clone (Before the DLC Came out) a Robin/Red Robin Tim Drake Clone, a Colossus and Dr. Doom clone. And I have ALOT of fun playing them. The Combat isn't too tough to learn, but...Because they don't have a straight forward power/fighting system implace...I wind up having to do frost moves on Colossus even though I really just want a ground/pound/beat um up style, but I still feel nice when playing him anyway with the Melee/Brawler Fist. The Weapon choices are ALOT and fun to pick up. Alot match the DC Counter Parts, some don't, but it's alright because you're not SUPPOSED To be a clone, you're supposed to be your own...I understand that.

 The Trailers, the Voice Acting, all done very well. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK MARK HAMIL TO THE JOKER. not Jack, not Heathe, not the silly guy from the Old School TV show with Adam West...none MATCH the LAUGH that is Mark Hamil/Luke Skywalker/Animated Series.The moment I played my bad guy and had Joker popping up on my intercom in Arkham Asylum? I got the same shivers of joy up my spine when I heard him on this game coming into my communicator telling me what I should go do to HAVE SOME FUN! I was excited to see what else they would give him. Being a Villain was entertaining so is being a good guy. Game Play mechanics are decent and the cooldowns aren't too bad at all. limited yes, but fun none the less with friends or solo.

I like the Solo Dungeons better then the Raids. Most of the Raids are tossed together baddies that have no real uniqueness, but thats fine, JLA always had those when it came to fighting Darkseid or Braniac with his mindless robots/soldier waves, even joker had his long list of Minions batman had to fight to get to him. Random running around is fun, there is some silly helping random citizens out moments that are cool.

Travel powers are awesome you get to pick between Flight, Flash's Running/Sprinting, and a Beastial Agility type Travel mode where you run and climb walls/jump and glide. Flight mode is my favorite, but Super-Speed/Flash travel has been growing on me alot. The Races/Timed Races they have are fun with all three, specially The Super-Speed and Flight. Put on some good Music and it enhances them. :)

The Best Feature that I love about This game the most: The Styles Collection menu. Its somethign every MMO should do from here on out. You collect a Suit of Armor and LOVE its stats right? Well you're character is a mafia gangster in a Fedora/Suit and an AK-47...well when you pick up items they all have a "Style" that goes with said item. So you do a Dungeon/Raid...and drops a Two handed LAZER Gun...but I'm a mafia gangster? I want to keep my AK-47 look. Well you can, even when you equip the upgraded gun. Your Styles decide your Looks of your Clothes/Weapon. So, even though the style given to the said Lazer Gun is just that, You can keep your look, or change it at any given time as long as you have collected it on that character. The Armor too. Some Gloves drop and it belongs to a DRUID/MAGICAL Mage type, but you want to keep your Power Gloves becasue it fits you...well go to the drop down menu, select your Power Glove Style and bam, you have the "Archdruid Magical Gloves of Magic Damage" equipped with its +10 to Damage what ever, and you get to keep the look you wanted to in the first place.


Overall: Difficulty is up/down, User Hud/Chat interface is annoying, Raids = Same Old MMO garbage, Dungeons (Solo Dungeons) = Fun and intriguing to comic book fights. Vanity Wise: Awesome with small issues of item artwork choices, cutscenes done well, Voice Acting Superb. PVP = Garbage (IMO). Fans of DC Universe will love this game definently, I still do. I play this when I want a break from other MMO's like WoW, AoC, and the likes. I usually put some good music on and do quests when playing.