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DC Universe Online

In The DC Universe, Villains Hide In Bars - Not Behind Them

Not all bad guys in the DC universe have mega-towers to hide away from Batman and Superman in. Those places may be secure, but what kind of tap selection do they have available in their bar? Luckily you don't have to worry about such issues, because most villain lairs in DC Universe Online are in adult beverage emporiums.

The superhero MMO got off to a great start when it released in January, and the hype train is still rolling with videos like the one below.

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  • IS it wrong that I lol'd at that?
  • Hmmm. Very interesting..

  • Part of me would really like this game.  I'm not sure about the pay to play aspect of it though.  I want to try a good MMO and am mostly on my PS3 so it seems like a good fit.  

  • Tim Turi, you couldn't be further from the pulse of the DC Universe Online....the only hype that's rolling is that the population is dropping like flies. I know - I recently got fed up with SoE's less-than-stellar foray into the console MMO genre....there are too many other good games out to waste so much time with DCUO.
  • Meh...

  • I got sick of this game after I got to level 30. 4 days of fun that got slightly boring towards the middle and now i'm stuck with a game that i'll never play forever because it has no resell value. Awesome.

  • No thanks, I'm waiting on Batman: AC

  • DC online has potential to be better but the massive price tag and fees after ruin any hopes of me playing it.

  • so this is like sims but for batman? no thanks, i want my arkham city =)

  • this game has more glitches than any other game in history.  Epic Fail.

  • I laughed. This is awesome. Can't wait to get my new computer to try this out.