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DC Universe Online

PS4 Trailer Drops For SOE's Superhero MMO

It's already on console, but now it'll be on a newer, fancier console. And still free to play.

DC Universe Online lets players create their own superhero or supervillain and take to the streets of Gotham City and Metropolis. Adventuring alongside Batman and Lex Luthor is just the start, as player-versus-player matches, build-your-own lairs, and more await dedicated players of Sony Online's action-oriented MMORPG.

What the original DCUO PC/PS3 release lacks in polish, it makes up for in pure dumb-fun super-powered antics. There's no reason to believe the game will lose any of that charm on the PS3's big brother.

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  • I hope all PS3 stuff carries over, but if not, oh well. I'm still in.
  • Was never really interested.
  • So what's the difference? Will it run on higher settings? Common sense says yes, but common sense isn't so common and assuming is a fools game.

  • I'm hyped.

  • I am already hyped. Very hyped.

  • Yay!! Dcuo
  • Looks good.

  • The animation is fab!!!!

  • Can you fully enjoy the game without paying a cent?
  • will they combine the servers?

  • Two questions. One - can you use your existing account from PS3? Two - can you play your DCUO on your PS4 with another person playing on their PS3? I would like someone to clarify these things before I even feign the slightest interest for PS4.
  • i hope its still gonna be free on ps4

  • As long as I keep my account.

  • It would be PS3's little brother. The PS3 came out first.
  • i love this game SOOOOOOOO much. haha anything for the dc universe.

  • Please tell me something new comes with this version. I don't care about having to start from scratch, as I welcome the opportunity to claim a decent name.

    Unless this one has something new in it, I really don't see the point in switching over.

  • I just maxed my first character, and before i start my next i will wait.

  • Looks sick and the cross platform aspect should be cool.