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Darksiders II

New Darksiders II Trailer Talks About Death

The development team at Vigil Games discusses design and evolution of Darksiders II's Death.

If you've been curious about the game, which graced the cover of Game Informer, this trailer is a good primer. Despite THQ's financial difficulties, this game still has a lot of promise.

For more on the game, check out our Darksiders II Hub, which has links to loads of preview and video coverage on the title.

  • August hurry up and get here please. I dont think I can wait much longer for this game.

  • Still waiting patiently, for the game so that when it comes playing it will be all the more sweeter.

  • Ba-dum psssh.

    Lol! I gots it

  • Looks great. Reminds of me of Raziel from Soul Reaver, but he's taken some extra vitamins!

  • Awesome video! Another chance to get a great look at Darksiders II.

  • THQ if you do go under, pleas make sure you release this first! I can't wait for this game and it would be a shame if THQ's financial troubles had a negative impact.

  • I think Death is the cooler character over War. I don't know why but I want this game to visually look better. The  first Darksiders just lacked some of the textures and detail that is obviously possible with current gen tech.

  • Most anticipaited game of the year, baby. Can't belive it has been delayed :(

  • To me this is kind of what Zelda should have become in "the next gen".  I'm not saying Link has to go all angry Kratos style, but I expected set pieces, dungeons, and enemies like we're seeing in the Darksiders games.  With that said I can't wait to get my hands on this game.

  • Can't wait for Darsiders 2 hope THQ doest delay this at the last moment...

  • Can't wait for Darsiders 2 hope THQ doest delay this at the last moment...

  • All ready preordered te collectors edition
  • this is my favorite adventure game of the last decade. the first was amazing, the 2nd is already looking hot. i love stories about the power struggle of angles and demons, humans, other beings etc, anything based on pseudepigraphal books, book of enoch, legends of the jews, arabic mystioism, kaballah, christianity this stuff

  • I've never played Darksiders...but I just can't believe that whoever made this game didn't have a Skeletor action figure when they were a kid.

  • duuuuub

  • Seems like there's a limited edition for every game that comes out, now...

  • They did leave great cliffhangers, nail biters, and head scratchers. Like, who the hell is Samael? I know this dude is kick ass on the power front.

  • never played darksiders one but this looks *** awesome

  • I hope this does well.  THQ needs some good news.

  • Still haven't played the first one but the sequel seems to be shaping up very well.