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  • Blog Post: Review - Darksiders II (PS3)

    The original Darksiders was highly criticized for it's "lack of originality", and now with a sequel among us, people are wondering if Darksiders 2 will creating something new, or provide much of the same. Darksiders 2 makes several improvements over Darksiders 1, but fails when it comes... More
  • Blog Post: Not Many Games Make You Feel As Good As Darksiders II

    Darksiders II hooked me right from the start. As soon as I started playing, I loved the agility of the new protagonist, Death, and his fluidity as he scales walls and takes out multiple enemies at once with his scythes. Another thing that drew me in was summoning and banishing Death's horse, Dispair... More
  • Blog Post: A Great Way to Meet Death

    I tend to think of the first Darksiders as being a bit like Frankenstein’s monster: It was a little ugly thanks to its technical flaws, it had a hard time telling a story, and it was stitched together using pieces of other legendary games. However, unlike the mad doctor’s monster, Vigil Games’... More
  • Blog Post: Darksiders 2 is not what I had hoped for. It's still worth playing, by the slightest of margins.

    This game is a disappointment to me. I absolutely loved the first game. But DS2 has just left me wanting more. It simply lacks the spark needed to keep me interested for more than an hour at a time. It's not a bad game, it just lacks in too many areas. It's a shame. :( I'm not a graphics... More
  • Blog Post: Review of Darksiders II

    Holy Zelda, Batman! That thought actually crossed my mind while I was playing Darksiders II, which is a lovely tribute to my favorite video game series of all time. Here is a game that doesn’t shy away from borrowing from other games; it does so obviously and without remorse. The original Darksiders... More
  • Blog Post: Darksiders II Review

    The first "Darksiders" utilized elements from several classic franchises to create a hybrid title that combined the fast-paced combat of "God of War" and puzzle-laden dungeons in the vein of "The Legend of Zelda". While some cried foul over the obvious homage to these classic... More
  • Blog Post: My 'Quality Time' with Death.

    'War' was the supernatural equivalent of a tank. Not much for humor, prefered bulky armor rather than figure-fitting attire and his own horse (Ruin) had a serious gripe to pick with him during their little 'reunion'. War was my dude. He stayed hooded up and every addition to his arsenal... More
  • Blog Post: Darksiders II, another perspective

    I am become death... Darksiders II, the next installment of the Four Horsemen story. Rather than continuing the storyline of the first game, this one takes place just after War's first fight with Straga. Death rides out to aid his brother, and find the truth behind his brother's imprisonment... More
  • Blog Post: A Tribute to Fans

    As the title states, this really is a tribute to the fans and improves upon every aspect of the first game. I truly have no real complaints, however I feel giving a 10 is a little too generous. The combat in this game is absolutely great. It's just so easy to pick up and feels great while playing... More
  • Blog Post: Darksiders II

    The first Darksiders game was well received by the few fans who managed to really get into the game, and it's borrowed mechanics from several other successful franchises only managed to make the formula even better- skeptic as many may have been before trying it out. With a now almost "cult"... More
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