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  • Blog Post: Vigil Games' Death Was Not In Vain

    Darksiders 1 is an enjoyable experience with a standout cast of diverse characters, biblically/mythically inspired story, excellent choices for voice acting, unbelievably fantastic art direction, and is just simple fun with the hack-and-slash/puzzle solving/platforming gameplay. I know this game was... More
  • Blog Post: Death's Growing Pains

    This was a tough game to review. Darksiders 2 is actually a pretty big departure from the first game, both in story and gameplay. The game world opened up a lot more with tons of content, dungeons, and collectibles, and they also introduced the concept of Diablo or Borderlands style random loot drops... More
  • Blog Post: A Sequel to Die For

    Score: 9 / 10 Darksiders II Xbox 360 - PC - PS3 - WiiU Developer : Vigil Games Publisher : THQ Release Date :August 14th, 2012 Pros: A grand art style, with vibrant personality Seamless, fluid platforming Fantastic puzzle design and dungeons High tempo combat keeps you engaged Cons: Camera issues can... More
  • Blog Post: RFXRage's Review of Darksiders 2

    I've been done with Darksiders 2 for quite some time now, at least until the dlc comes out, but hey it's never too late to write a review. Personally, Darksiders 2 was a great ride for me. I literally couldn't stop playing it for a straight month. The gameplay was simply so amazing and smooth... More
  • Blog Post: Darksiders 2

    0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Darkisders 2 demands and tests the player’s patience. It’s game that doesn’t start off with a bang and it takes time to get the gears rolling but when it finally does, it offers one of the most thrilling and engaging action RPG experiences in... More
  • Blog Post: Not Many Games Make You Feel As Good As Darksiders II

    Darksiders II hooked me right from the start. As soon as I started playing, I loved the agility of the new protagonist, Death, and his fluidity as he scales walls and takes out multiple enemies at once with his scythes. Another thing that drew me in was summoning and banishing Death's horse, Dispair... More
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