I really liked this game so much and wanted it to have a higher score so bad! Playing as Death was awesome. It took the all powerful character idea and turned him into something faster, more agile. And I really appreciated that sort of different element which was brought to the table.
The first thing I noticed right off the bat was the soundtrack to this game. Holy crap. It's freaking awesome. The music fits in every environment and situation damn near flawlessly. The visuals were nothing ground breaking, but nice to say the least. But the music was incredible.
Gameplay was great. It felt more like an RPG, with loot that has stats and a level progression system. Mixing your fast double sythe attacks with giant, slow heavy weapon (everything from giant Glaives, to hammers and maces) makes for some neat combos. Two talent trees allow you to spend your skill points in which are awarded for leveling up or just given to you at certain points of the game. Originally, I went with Necromancy, summoning ghouls and swarms of crows to help kill my enemies. I later changed it to the other tree to improve physical combat, crit chance, ect. Puzzles were challenging and felt like they were at least fairly well thought out. Fighting the enemies and bosses were enjoyable as well.
I only had a few concerns. I'm not really a fan of collect-a-thons. But the game has some flaws in counting the pages of the dead and relics that you collect. Getting 39 out of 40 pages because one of them wasn't counted can be frustrating. I've completed many collect-a-thons in games for the trophy/achievo. I went through the game a second and a third time and encountered this problem. Had a written walkthrough printed out, a video guide, and a charted I made on Excel and printed out to track them and still had this problem. I was so sure it had to be me, like I just missed one. Hey it happens. But three times? So I checked on online forums and found that it's actually quite common. *sigh* If there's an in game trophy or achievement tied to something that glitches or bugs out, I'm forced to take a point or two away as that prevents 100% completion. For some people, like myself, 100% completion is important. This is because some of us dont make a ton of money to buy games all the time, so we buy some here and some there, and grind to 100% to get our money's worth. With out the item counting thing, it's a great game.
Now let's talk about it's originality. I hate having to do this. This is all just speculation and doesn't affect the score of the game. But, has anyone who played this game (or the first one) ever played World of Warcraft? If I didn't know any better, I'd say that War looks like a Blood Elf Death Knight who wields a runeblade just like a DK. Then that horse looks just like a DK mount, for both horsemen. I remember from the first one, there was a scene that looked just like Tridsfal Glades and even had creatures that looked just like Duskbats. People are saying the franchise rips off God of War and Zelda for it's combat and dungeons. But if every game that has an overpowered badass is a ripoff from God of War, then many many other games fall into this category. No, I see a huge distinction in the visuals that only says "World of Warcraft"
Personally, I don't give a damn. The game was sweet, so I don't care. Besides, it doesn't take much to top that outdated annoying MMO called WoW anyways. So what if they ripped off them. There's no real proof that they did either. I'm just pointing out something I observed.
Not a fan of the season pass either. I'm talking about you too, Batman Arkam City.
I recommend this game, especially now that the price finally dropped. It's fun and it will suck you in. You'll have a good time your second run as well, with it's new game plus.

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