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Darksiders II

Exclusive: First Darksiders II Screens

We’re breaking open the floodgates with a ton of great Darksiders II content. We’ve already given you a first look at the game with the Darksiders II announce trailer. Now feast your eyes on this first set of screens from the game.

These screens highlight the new horseman Death and a couple of different weapons he’ll have access to throughout the game. You’ll also get a glimpse of Death’s horse, Despair. Finally, you can stare down two leviathan-sized serpents, which are used to transport a giant airship throughout the underworld.

Be sure to check out our Darksiders II hub here, or by clicking on the banner below.

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  • Loving the art style and theme in general.
  • looks sweet

  • Outstanding..

  • I love the gothic feel of it.

  • looks good, enjoyed the first one probly have to check this one out also , loved the puzzles in the first game

  • why does the dude look like skelator from he-man????
  • the sheer size of that hammer is hilarious

  • Gotta love Joe Madureira being a part of Vigil.

  • Looks a little too dark for my tastes.  

  • grafics are improved and i hope war will be there to and a cameo by the other...
  • i've notice that the enemy so far are really cool hopefully these are just small runts and more to come :)

  • So awesome, like really epic just like the first game!

  • Playing the first one again, almost forgot how good it is. But im noticing alot of screen tear during camera movements...please get rid of that, Vigil, it shouldnt exist at this point in the current gen.

  • i love them all a war cameo would be awesome and the other horsemen would be nice

  • That's a big mace...

  • He kinda looks like skeletor in some of the pics.

  • I'm sooo excited for this game! Death looks great, but still not as cool as War, I'm going to miss playing as him!

  • Loved the first game, but theres something very 'Disney does Halloween' about the last one. The others look great though, especially the humungo-serpents.

  • That giant hammer makes me incredibly happy.

  • Great ... but im gonna miss war ... also characters are a copy of warcraft characters just like darksiders 1 ... and the death voice is the same voice of arthas father in warcraft :D
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