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Better then God of War?

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  • Darksiders is an awesome game. Its like God of war. The graphics and such are pretty much the same. Bt the question is, Is it better then God of War?

    In my opinion Yes. Darksiders surpasses GOW in alot of ways. In Darksiders you have more freedome you can explore alot more then you can in God of War. Darksiders is closer to a RPG type of game. You could run around and collect souls and buy armour upgrdes, weapons, moves and such. While in GOW you are pretty much limited to each level. Also God and War and all of the nude scenes? for me i wish the creaters/developers wouldnt of done that. I dont own GOW but ive played it before and i messed up yes by playing i will not play that game again even though I had played it numerous ocasions and i liked it I screwed up I dont want to be caught up in that again. The gameplay in GOW is likable but in this case Darksiders keeps it PG-13 pretty much, and is a more likeable to me.

  • thats what happens when ur a jesus freak lol

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