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  • Blog Post: Dark Void? Is it a jet pack trip worth taking?

    Concept: Provide a Sci-Fi plot jet pack shooter with no real twists. the game certainly lacks in creating new ideas. Graphics: pretty good. Cut scenes are nice and character models look nice. Sound: probaly the best part about the game. Nolan North (Nathan Drake, Desmond Miles) voices the main character... More
  • Blog Post: crap

    Why does a game with stunning visuals have to be crap? The detail in the graphics is amazing, but the controls is crap. That is what makes a game, controls. *** Capcom!! More
  • Blog Post: Review - Dark Void

    Dark Void (360) With all the high-profile games hitting shelves this first quarter it may be easy to miss Capcom's latest IP, Dark Void. However, Capcom titles usually don't slip past me (since I have somewhat of a soft-spot for the developer) so I was ready to get my hands on the third-person... More
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