Concept: Provide a Sci-Fi plot jet pack shooter with no real twists. the game certainly lacks in creating new ideas.

Graphics: pretty good. Cut scenes are nice and character models look nice.

Sound: probaly the best part about the game. Nolan North (Nathan Drake, Desmond Miles) voices the main character and as always does a terrific job.

Playability. When you are not jet packing, the third person shooter mechanics are pretty basic. But there are creative guns. When you are jet packing, you wont necessarily be frustrated, but it doesn't play fantastically.

Entertainment: some times it can be an adreniline rushed action sequence, and sometimes it can be mildly boring. 

Replay Value: Moderatley low, the lack of multiplayer is unfortunate.

Should You get it?

Well, if you are looking for a unique plot with great music, yes, but, if you are looking for a story mixed with really fun gameplay you may be disappointed. 

Thanks for reading!