Lets start off by saying Dark Void is definitely not game of the month by any means, however it is very good game with innovative and working mechanics. Dark Void actually provides a pitch perfect feeling of not only flying a jetpack but includes enough ground and air gameplay that you can develop your attack techniques for different assaults. The story isn't much more than fluff however it isn't as bad as the GI review would make it seem. Judging the downward spirals of TV and film these days the plot is actually well thought out. The control are solid and the only frustrating part for me was a escort mission which are always a pain, but even moreso when the AI has the intellegence of a jellybean (on the plus side this happens only once). I have honestly enjoyed my journey through the Void and did it on Hardcore so I could see how AI would actually play. The bots use flanking constantly but not just on land by air as well which changes the cover system and give the game way more depth than your run of the mill shooter. To be honest, I think this game didn't sell well is because of the $60 price point, Had it retailed for $50 many more people would have or should have slapped on there jetpack and headed to the Void. If you see this at Gamestop or you're local retailer pick it up and have a blast.