Since I kinda have deja vus of what will happen in the future, I knew this exact rating would exist and that I also knew that I would give it the same rating. But no, i was all like "This game is gonna be awesome" and ya. Also, know that I'm a hard rater, and the highest score I've EVER given a game was a 9.25 (Fallout 3).

I agree with Game Informer's rating, although their opinions aren't very accurate.

First of all, the game controls seem easy unless you neeed to know how to reload.

Second, the entertainment lasts a pretty long, but the game wouldve been better if it was open map. Also the blind fire and punching never gets old.

Third, the sound is pretty embarrassing with some Jamaican music like Borderlands, and trust me, thats not a good thing. Plus, the dialogue is kinda cheesy, and I have a cousin named Ava, and the girls name in this game is Ava, so it kinda wierds me out.

Fourth, the graphics are AMAZING if you are looking at your flying character, although, like GI said, up close the graphics look Xbox quality (thankfully not as bad as ODST though).

Fifth, the replay, I would say is moderate. The game is decent and it would be fine to play again.

And, finally, sixth, this game DOES NOT deserve better than Army of 2! I added up what was recommended better, and GameInformer SHOULD rate Army of 2 higher than it is. That game is awesome, and that deserves an 8, so if you want to buy a game between that and this, buy Army of 2.