I started looking forward to this game early last.  Unfortunately, it didn't live up to the hype.  The play controls for one are very responsive, probably the games greatest attribute.  Unfortunately, the game play is stale.  The AI is super lame.  Unless you are surrounded by multiple enemies, it is pretty difficult to die in this game.  The AI is way to predictable.  The game is broken up poorly as well.  The elements really don't blend together well.  It seems as if they took ideas from a bunch of different games and made separate chapters for each one in Dark Void.  The weapons are boring and really lack when it comes to sound.  Sound is another problem altogether.  At one point I was unable to hear my gun firing whatsoever, as if the the sound had glitched completely.  Some of the innovative aspects, such as vertical third person shooting and cover were pretty cool, but they got repetitive fairly quickly.  This might be a good rental, but as far as I am concerned it really didn't stand out in any significant way.