I enjoyed more of Dark Void than I originally thought I would. This is because most of the reviews I read said that you were fighting on the ground most of the time, and not in the air. Well, after I beat the game, I wondered why they all lied about that. I spent 80% of the game in the air, and not on the ground. Sure, some missions require you to fight Gears of War style, but 95% of the time you can use your jetpack whenever you want, and that is what is so fun about it.


I can fly around shooting spaceships out of the sky with my build in machine guns, or I can hijack a spaceship, or I can hijack a friendly space vehicle, or I can jump into the Star Wars style turret guns on the massive friendly ships, or I can land on the ground and fight that way, or I can upgrade my weapons and hover around shooting them. The game gave me a lot of options for how I wanted approach most battles and I loved it. Sure, the fighting on the ground isn't nearly as fun as it is in the sky, but darting around in the clouds is fun enough to warrant a playthough.


Grin's Bionic Commando was a awful game, and it is not fair to compare the two. Bionic Commando's swinging feature was dreadfully implemented and the shooting mechanics stunk. At least this game got something right.