As a gamer, I can forgive a lot. I don't expect everything I play to rate at least a high 8, truth is I find quite a few games that I absolutely love that don't even scratch 8. But this, this was a difficult pill to swallow. 

Graphically, the game barely qualifies for an "it's alright". Which is a shame, because the premise leaves some really cool potential for possible backgrounds. It's really sad that you set your story in the Bermuda Triangle, and then fail to make it interesting.

Control, again, nothing remarkable. They aren't bad enough to say it's unplayable, but they aren't good enough to immerse you into the experience. There are times, when you've equipped your jet pack, when you need precision to do something and for the most part you find yourself bumbling into the goal rather than stepping in and owning it. 

Sound: Aside from dialogue in the cut-scenes, I chose to load up my own music from a zip drive. This seemed to improve my experience greatly.

Overall Experience: Not that great. It wasn't so bad that I absolutely couldn't play it, I threw on some Pantera and Rob Zombie from my zip drive, and suddenly the game was significantly better. Which still doesn't say much.

The dog fight scenes are more tedious then fun, because they require a level of precise control with your jet pack that is sadly lacking. There's a tacked on way of handling these fights, where you can grab enemy fighters head on and damage the fighters while avoiding the mounted canon, but there was nothing fun or satisfying about taking that approach.

The character models aren't really anything special, and the lack of detail is really disappointing. This is not to say I didn't have some fun with Dark Void, but if you ask me in a year from now, chances are I won't remember much of it. I gave it a five, because this game embodies a "middle of the road" title. It's unremarkable in almost every way.

If your thinking of taking this one out for a ride, I'd recommend taking a test run at your local video store or preferred mailing service.