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Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II: The Crown Of The Sunken King Delivers New Challenges

We had a chance to explore the content of The Crown of the Sunken King in its entirety, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from a piece of Dark Souls DLC content. While the size and scope of the new areas are smaller than what was offered in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC for the original game, The Crown of the Sunken King is only one of three pieces of new DLC coming to Dark Souls II.

We’re discouraged from talking about bosses, traps, or specifics so that players won’t be spoiled on the new goodies, but the new areas are dangerous, winding, and labyrinthine in nature. There are three new areas to explore in the DLC, two large fleshed-out areas with three bonfires each and a final encounter that makes Nashandra look like an innocent puppy. New weapons are available from Ornifex from several new boss souls (There’s a pretty sweet new halberd!). It’s a bit tough to get an exact handle on the difficulty of the new content since we played through the content on a premade character provided to us on New Game++++, but mechanically things are fun – Dark Souls-style fun.

While it was almost painful to have to go back and play the new content on PS3 after being spoiled with the PC version, (this isn’t a PC superiority thing, the game just doesn’t look or play as well on last-gen hardware), the new areas differentiate themselves from the rest of Dark Souls II admirably and bring a handful of new and terrifying enemies to the fight. Don’t forget to bring your friends along for the ride, as players who don’t purchase the DLC can still be summoned into the worlds of players that have access to the content.

I completed the content at a leisurely pace in around five hours and more than a few deaths, but I’m sure that I didn’t explore behind every nook and cranny as much of the new area is housed in a mazelike pyramid structure where the walls can begin to blend together and every drop leads to some form of terrifying new horrors. There are strange pyramid enclosures, a huge amount of vertical space, traps around every corner, and a lake. A lake filled with dinosaurs.

I spent a lot of time running, and in one area there is a cave that will turn even the most hardened Dark Souls II veteran into a gibbering, mewling kitten the first time they wander in. This area is likely one of the new “challenge routes” that are included in the new DLC offerings and it is some of the hardest content I have ever faced in a Dark Souls title.

It was great to revisit Dark Souls II and I can’t wait to see what new encounters and mysteries the next two pieces of the trilogy unlock. Crown of the Sunken King will be available on PS3, Xbox 360, and Steam on July 22.

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  • "This isn't a PC superiority thing it just plays and looks better" So what you're saying is the PC version is superior? I don't care at all, but that's what I got from it haha. Also to be honest Nashandra wasn't even a hard boss. Her curse orbs were the worst part, but as soon as you got through that she was a cake walk due to easy circle strafing. Now if her curse orbs killed you instantly then yea, we'd have a problem.
  • more dark souls is always good. gotta get in on it when the multiplayer is fresh.

  • That dragon statue reminds me of Alduin's Wall.
  • My question is if this is going to be a pain in the butt to get too like the Artorias of the Abyss DLC was.
  • Can any anybody tell me if the rumors are true that dark souls is coming to the ps4? If so ill wait and buy the dlc then
  • I'm trying not to get to pumped with this, but it's so hard :c +3 rings!
  • Well it doesn't matter which version is superior, all that matters is more Dark Souls! XD Though I wish it wasn't staggered between three months like they have it but oh well I guess. I also wished you could of shared how many bosses there exactly are in the place, is it just the one boss or will there be more? So many questions the wait is killing me. XD I better not go hollow before then. PRAISE THE SUN!
  • Been playing a ton of Dark Souls since the Dark Souls 2 release (a playthrough of DS1, then DS2, then DS1, then DS2, etc.. now have all achievements too!) and I've come to realize something peculiar. I like DS2 significantly more than DS1, it's simply more fun to play and is more polished. I mean I really liked it when it first released, I would have ranked all the games similarly, but with hundreds of hours in DS2 still keeps my interest, it's the one that I want to play the most.
  • A boss harder than Nashandra isn't really saying much, but I'm excited nonetheless.
  • The DLC sounds cool but the length worries me. I might just wait until the whole pack releases and I can finally buy the game on PC.
  • Really really looking forward to these DLCs. Had a blast with Dark Souls 2 and i'm looking forward to those new boss weapons. From what you described those bosses sound really fun and challenging (though I found Nashandra fairly easy to beat). I kind of hope they'll be the ancient dragon boss difficulty even though I never managed to beat that guy, so maybe a little bit easier than him.


  • Nashandra wouldn't stand a chance against my pup. IMO the easiest boss in the whole game.
  • I'm a Dark Souls junkie, so I plan on purchasing the DLC. However, if I drop the 30$ total for the DLC's and then they announce a ps4 version (like I've seen rumored) a few months later I'm not going to be a happy camper. Because of course I'll have to buy the ps4 version. So that'll be a metric f***ton I've spent on Dark Souls 2, when for the 60$ preorder on the last two games I got all the goodies save the Artorias DLC. I'm not cheap, but I don't like that practice.
  • Cool. Looking forward to the big baddy boss. I thought Nashandra was really simple. I beat her on the first time on my first play through and maybe the 3rd or 4th time on my first new game plus run through. I have a whole stack of games I've half finished, Watch Dogs, Transistor, Child of Light, and I have no motivation to finish them because they are just so boring compared to Dark Souls 2 in almost every way.
  • Dark Souls 2 currently on sale at Best Buy for $30.

  • Found hot to access the DLC on IGN : "SPOILERS" How To Access the Dark Souls 2 DLC Upon purchasing Crown of the Sunken King, an item called a Dragon Talon is added to the player's inventory. Examining the Talon reveals a cryptic clue to its use: Legend has it that in the deepest reaches of the Black Gulch, behind a door locked from the inside, is a magnificent city built for a great sleeping dragon. In order to reach the DLC material and enter Shulva, players must travel to the Black Gulch area from the original Dark Souls 2 campaign. Most directly approached through the Pit in Majula, visitors to the Gulch must then find and defeat The Rotten boss if they have not already done so. After beating The Rotten, the hero must visit the Primal Bonfire located in an antechamber off the boss room. In the back of the chamber is an obelisk. Examining this teleports the player to a lobby dominated by an imposing locked door. Using the Dragon Talon opens the door and allows the player to step into a new adventure. There you go. I'm just starting the game on PC so I'm not sure I'll get the DLC since it's going to take me a long while to get to it. I played the 360 version a bit and cleared the Forest of Giants (had some help for the damn Pursuer), No-Man's Wharf and in Heides Tower of Flame I killed the Dragonrider. I explored a bit of The lost Bastille from the ship and from the other side but that's it. I went with a Knight build. Any advice for PC besides the "get better" comment.
  • Dun dun dun. My soul is ready to be taken. GI's own Daniel Tack and Tim Turi got me to buy this game after a Twitch stream of the game. Well Tack's review started the wheels in my brain to think I might be able to "enjoy" such a game and the footage cemented the desire I had for a new fantasy RPG. I had no idea what I was geting into. Luckily I had a dear GI friend Raven aka AK birdman to guide me. That is until my internet went down for two months and I had to beat the game in almost its entirety in offline mode. Not recommended. Especially for a Souls noob. But I did have proper training from a Souls vet and for that I am grateful. GI has been good to me. Dark Souls has been a game changing life altering experience. I learned so much about myself as a player and as a person. I am getting my season pass in the coming week as a late birthday gift. Thank the gods because I won't get paid before it drops on 7/22. I love that you called it "fun" but had to clarify it as DS fun. Yeah "fun" is not the best word but it works in its own context:) Well I guess it's time to die...again...
  • Nashandra was a joke. Killed her with my fake moon blade on first go round. Yes, I did kill the guy who has the fake moon blade during the first playthrough because...it looked cool. Actually, I killed everyone before reaching her.

    Time to jump back into Dark Souls 2. May the Dark shine your way.

  • a lot of people say "oh, dark souls II wasn't as good as 1, or demon's souls" and i agree, but i like to think of it this way. it is still better than every other game out recently, by a large margin.

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