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Dark Souls II Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help get started in the world of Dark Souls II. Warning, there will be a significant number of spoilers here. You’ve been warned! 

•Right when you start the game before even choosing a class, you can hang a left before the hut to find a tough opponent – You can get a class and fight the creature for a great ring, or simply run & roll by it and grab some Gold Pine Resin.

•Always talk to NPCs multiple times until they have gone through all possible gifts/discussion.

•The hub of Majula has three major routes that lead out into other zones that you’ll have access to immediately, so if you get stuck in one direction head back and try another route. The first route is near the Emerald Herald down into the Forest of Giants, the second is located in the “church” trail – make sure you pull the lever at the bottom of the path to open the door and continue. If you purchase the fall damage ring from the cat in Majula, you’ll be able to maneuver down the giant well in the center of town to a few different areas.

•Looking to try a new character look but don’t want to reroll? Head to Things Betwixt and kill the two hippo-clops on the beach in the tutorial area. There’s a coffin there. Step inside and change the sex of your character!

•You can turn in smooth and silky stones in the nest in Things Betwixt, one at a time, for random goodies. If you chose the petrified wood as your starting gift, you can also turn it in here. In order to do so, select “leave” from the menu.

•There’s an Estus flask shard available right away in Majula. Find the smaller well with a stone hanging on it and give it a thwack to reveal it.

•Chests can be trapped with Mimics that will surprise and kill you. It’s possible to trap check by swinging your weapon at a chest once, but be careful – Any more than one swing will destroy the contents inside and leave you with rubbish.

•The Pursuer boss is available in several locations outside of his fog gate. One location is in the Iron Keep, after you’ve vanquished the Smelter Demon come back a bit later with enough power to destroy him quickly, as he’ll vanish if you take too long. You may find a nice ring! If you’re having trouble with the fog gate version and you’re feeling saucy, try using one of the ballistas located in the room – they will reduce him to about 5% life.

•Want to stay human but not waste your valuable effigies? You’ll find a number of rings that “prevent death.” You can wear the one that costs 3000 to repair in situations you’re likely to die and retain your humanity.

•You may not want to waste a Fragrant Branch of Yore in the Lost Bastille in order to unlock what appears to just be a bonfire, but make sure you do. The petrified individual is Straid, and he’ll be able to forge your boss souls into special weapons and spells.

•Also located in the Lost Bastille is the elemental blacksmith.  Light the torch in his chamber to get him to move off of the chest so you can open it, and return here after you’ve located an ember from the Iron Keep for a chance to add elemental powers to your weapons.

•You’re going to want to make sure you find the cartographer in the Forest of Giants for the Majula mansion key. He can be easy to miss, take a detour off the beaten path and check out the cave in the area that has you climbing up a giant tree branch with broken housing to the right.

•The Dark Covenant with Grandhal features an excellent optional boss, the Darklurker. The old man you’ll meet and the portals are crucial to its discovery; make sure you have a stockpile of Human Effigies for passage.

•There are a number of bonfire shortcuts that may not be obvious but are incredibly useful. Try blowing up the wall near the “Pursuer crow platform” in The Forest of Giants for a quick route to the bonfire.

•There’s a boss you may have to fight in a lake of pure poison. You can make this a lot easier on yourself by burning a windmill in the area before the fog gate to clean out the toxic element of the battle.

•Black Gulch is a painful nightmare to navigate through step-by-step, so the easiest way may be to just run through after memorizing where the spawn traps are and gobbling down a poison cure and healing before entering The Rotten’s chamber.

•Saving your Pharros Lockstones may be a good idea. There’s an entire zone dedicated to Pharros that may have some secrets if you have the stones – I wasted mine on things like lighting No Man’s Wharf and creating rat pools in The Grave of Saints, and I’m hoping there are some big secrets involving these. 

•The priest boss in Bright Cove Tseldora reminds me of Pinwheel. Don’t even try to come up with a strategy, just go in swinging and it will probably be alright.

•If you’re absolutely stuck on a boss fight and you’ve exhausted your exploration options, go human and look around. There are probably some summoning letters somewhere. Some of these are hidden – If you’re looking for some help on Mytha, the Baneful Queen, there’s a Jester summon symbol under the poison (Not clearly visible) outside of her chamber.

•Stat allocation has diminishing returns, and my assessment is that spreading points around here is more viable than it was in the original Dark Souls. Adaptability and the agility it provides are probably going to be useful for your build, so keep that in mind before dumping into stats that are no longer providing full bonuses.

Have a tip that needs to make this list? Throw it in the comments and we’ll add things regularly!

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  • Going lifting after work and then digging in.
  • First you tell us not to look up a guide in your review, now you make a guide?
  • Here is my tip: If you are trying to reverse hallow, you have to use a human effigy from your item menu. Using one from the bonfire will not make you reverse hallow.
  • Tip #1 - Prepare to die a lot

  • good tips..

    but all of NPC are not good... in Majula there is a guy with two handed sword and ask you to do a quest for him.. if you do it,he give you his two handed swords and if you asked him again or talk with him, suddenly he attacked to you and turn to thr red dragon!!!

    Meanwhile, I Have found 1 Special Easter Egg that will below your mind :/

  • I will not read spoilers. This game is unforgiving and brutal. Any worry I had they would not live up to the high bar Dark Souls made has been squashed. This will easily be my one of my favorite games of all time (definitely top 10) and my favorite game on the PS3. I will vote for this to be GOTY. I can't wait to get home from work and die some more.
  • Another tip for Black Gulch: there's actually a second bonfire right before the fog gate to the boss. To reach it, you need to fall off the cliff edge to the right just before the walled area leading to the fog gate. This will put you on a secret path that leads up to a second bonfire. Makes additional runs at that boss way, way easier.
  • The true demon's soul begins here.
  • I wasted my Fragrant Branch of Yore in the Lost Bastille and now Í have no clue how to get another one to progress further. Anyone know what I should do now?
  • Nice list thanks. I have become completely paranoid playing this game. There is an enemy around every single corner. I'm going to be at work freaking out that I may walk in and a Pursuer will jump down behind me... lol

  • I'm at the beginning, undead died dozens of times with almost no health to recharge. Should I start again and try to not suck so much?
  • Is it me, or does this game feel more like demons souls 2 than dark souls 2? Not that I think that's a bad thing. I really enjoyed demons souls.

    Vendrick is optional, go visit the Ancient Dragon and collect the giant souls before taking him on.

  • A quick way to get to the items in the flame salamander area is to drop down onto the rubble blocking the large entrance from the upper walkway while hugging the wall. Snipe the visible salamander to claim the treasure behind him but stick to that side of the room so as to not agro the one looking into the tunnel. If you want an excellent shield, you can run past him from behind and hug the left wall. You'll probably die but it's more than worth it.