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Dark Souls II

New Trailer Showcases Dark Souls II's Unsettling Opening

As we previously detailed in our recent hands-on preview of the game, Dark Souls II's opening cinema feels like it belongs in a horror film. Now you can see some of it for yourself.

The prologue sets up the story for the game, and also offers worthwhile fuel to keep your nightmares going strong. Check it out below.

Dark Souls II arrives on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 11 and PC on April 25. For our time with the first five hours of the game, head here.

For more on Dark Souls II, including another trailer, and a showcase of the game's collector's edition, hit the links.

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  • That old b*tch would make a good wifey for Emperor Palpatine.
  • March 11 can't come fast enough, I will be there for the midnight launch for Titanfall, but this game looks amazing as well. I can't wait to mingle with the Souls crowd. Should be a fun night for all.
  • Yeah....can't wait to play this! I'm sure I will die over and over and curse this game, but at the same time, i will enjoy it.

  • Dragons, wow someone actually built a kingdom with dragons in it, wonder what beautiful thing happened that eradicated it....
  • Nothing turns me on like creepy old ladies with messed up teeth.
  • Mod
    That's the same voice actress that does the opening monologue for Demon's Souls.(My personal favorite in the series) She sounds awesome, and now I'm even more excited to play on March 11th.
  • I ain't watchin' yet, Hilliard! That'll ruin the fun of seeing it the first time when I play the game, which was your plan all along, I'm sure.

  • What was suppose to be so unsettling about that opening? An old lady?
  • Dark Souls II is amazing x.x

  • Dark souls 1 had a better intro imo I don't remember demon souls intro.
  • That melting woman...*shivers*

    Can't wait until March 11, anyway! Bring it on DSII!! :D

  • Wow, fantastic.

  • close.
  • C'mon Amazon... start sending my game! March 11th is so close...

  • I know the beginning of this one is supposed to be more "tutorial" like, or something along the lines of easing players into the real Dark Souls experience. But I say, just give me the intro, then toss my *** into the undead prison. (or nexus, or whatever is the true beginning of this game) It's so close now, I wish Gamestop would just call and tell me it's alright if I want to pick up my preorder early. That's never happened though. I'm curious what people think about using the preorder weapons.
  • PC on April 25th? Mmm...this is going to be a long month and a half. Best of luck console comrades!

  • Not interested in this at all, to those who are have fun as I hear tons of people like it.. Maybe it's an aquired taste like a fine wine.
  • I'm hanging out waiting for a Next-Gen release announcement.

  • Get this next Tuesday for PS3 or wait until April 25th for the superior PC version. Think I'll wait it out.
  • "A thing that feeds on souls, a hollow" Oh man we're getting into deep Bleach territory here!

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