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Final Two Fan-Made Shields Revealed By From Software

From Software’s ongoing fan-made shield contest is finishing strong with two more shields making their way from concept to reality, both in the real world and in the world of Dark Souls II.

Designed by Dark Souls fan Illim under the name “Rose Shield”, the shield will appear in-game as the “Blossom Kite Shield” with a description that states it “soothes the weary heart of its bearer.”

The other winner announced today comes from fan Charles Collier, whose shield submitted as “Disunion” will make its way into the Dark Souls universe under the name of “WatchDragon Parma.” It’s twin dragon design in-game depicts the “ebb and flow of the fate of all things living.”

Both winners will be receiving a Dark Souls II Collector’s Edition and a real life version of their shield crafted by the blacksmiths of Armédia, a company specializing in the creation of medieval weapons and accessories. 

You can check out the shields in all their glory in the gallery below, and check out previous contest winners here and here.

If you are excited for Dark Souls II, you won't have to wait much longer. The game arrives on March 11 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

[Source: Dark Souls on Facebook]

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  • Gotta say. Wasn't a huge fan of all the other shields they showed off, but that Disunion shield looks amazing.
  • Such conclusion. Wow, much sad.
  • Wow that is really cool of them to do for their fans.

  • That is so cool, congratulations to the winners

  • Omg a real life shield that is so freaking cool. That's a good prize!

  • A weapon competition would have yielded some cooler designs I think, but this is still a very awesome thing to do for a game.

  • I wonder how awesome it will feel to recieve that disunion shield in the mail.

  • That Rose shield looks terrible but the dragon one looks badass

  • Poor ENB Pig shield.. the item description could have described how it was imbued with the experiences of a warrior who died many times for the benefit of other heroes.. LIKE ME!

  • Disunion is my jam.

  • Rose shield and Disunion are the best out of all the other shields. That's just my opinion, mind you.