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Dark Souls II

Online Features Are The Focus Of These New Screenshots

Namco Bandai and From Software have released new images from Dark Souls II, showing off the online features of the game.

In these screenshots, white phantoms can be seen assisting the player against enemies and bosses. There is a maximum of two friendly online players than can be summoned at one time. Red phantoms, on the other hand, are enemies that invade the player's game. 

Online players don't have to enter a session to affect it though. They can leave behind messages and a ghostly image of what they're doing can be spotted in the area.

Dark Souls 2 will be available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 11 with the PC version to release later in that month. Learn more about the game by reading our hands-on preview at the Tokyo Game Show.

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  • Whoever designed the new enemies and armor for this game needs a damn raise.

    Edit: One major thing thats gonna drive me crazy is that it seems like the enemies in DS2 will not only look cooler than you but BE cooler than you, they have combos and they can hop into the air and attack and all and I'm just talking about the undead enemies. I hope there's some cool boss armor and more attacks in the final game because I don't think any Dark Souls game should make you feel inferior to your enemies (in terms of coolness) after playing for hours and hours....unless you're fighting Artorias.
  • Aaaand this is one of the many reasons I amazed a few of my friends by not joining them in trading my PS3 towards my PS4. Too many good games that have yet to be released on it!

  • The graphics look so much sharper. I want this game so muchly.

  • The beta was so awesome, the riposte where not as hard as people made it seem. and the boss was pretty easy. I am definitely getting the collectors edition.
  • I really need to check out Dark Souls.. I didn't like Demon souls much but maybe another shot will turn things around. Good thing I'm keeping my PS3 for LOS2 so I can give this a shot.

  • The beta was great.  When the game suddenly said that it was switching to very hard mode I was like, "I was on easy the whole time?!"

  • March 11, is going to be a great day for gaming. Titanfall and Dark Souls 2, definitely getting both.

  • I am completely infatuated with the Souls games! March 11th can not come soon enough.

  • The beta was epic. I so can't wait for March 11th. Still going to be a good year for last gen. I also liked the bosses, definitely unique and different from past bosses in the series, even if they were slightly easy (well easy up until they introduced hard mode XD).

    Also so many new and cool looking armor and finally CAPES! WE GET CAPES! XD


  • While I am excited for this game, I can'help but feel a bit worried about the developers screwing this one up. I hope they don't since I would expect this game to in my top fav current gen games but we will see.
  • Mod
    Having that I love Demon Souls, I need to pick up the pace and play Dark Souls.
  • That last screenshot looks amazing.
  • My monitor isn't taking my money, it's just electrocuting me........

  • Only two players? Why? Why not four? More the merrier! Really hoping their multiplayer has a join system and doesn't require absolute faff like the last game.
  • lol Is this the PS2 version? Man those are some ugly graphics
  • wishh i could of played in the beta

  • One of the few games I'm willing to drop a preorder on. Also, I really hope they have a few more areas that are a little brighter. Anor Londo was one of my favorite parts.
  • So beautiful... I simply cannot wait.

    My only concern is with the online PvP and the balance.  Got sick of low level characters invading with super high level items and dominating because of imbalance.

  • Looks good but too frustrating of a game....great gameplay though.

  • I keep throwing handfuls of money at my computer but I still do not have this game, why is it not working?!