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  • Wiki Page: Secrets

    The Great Hollow The Great Hollow is a hidden area in the Blight Town Swamps full of basilisks, crystal lizards, and mushroom people. It 's full of loot and leads to the Ash Lake, and area with the Ancient Stone Dragon, whom gives you a powerful weapon if you slice off its tail. To find the Great...
  • Wiki Page: FAQ

    Q: This is my first playthrough of Dark Souls. What classes are the best for newcomers? A: Sorcerer, Pyromancer, Warrior, and Bandit are the best classes for beginners. Q: Why are these the best classes? A: Sorcerer starts with the EXTREMELY useful "Soul Arrow" spell, the Pyromancer starts...
  • Wiki Page: List Of All Sorceries, Pyromancies, and Miracles

    Sorceries: Soul Arrow(A projectile spell that shoots a piercing light at enemies) Great Soul Arrow(Higher than Soul Arrow and longer cast time) Heavy Soul Arrow(Higher than Great Soul Arrow and longer cast time) Great Heavy Soul Arrow(Higher than Heavy Soul Arrow and highest cast time) Aural Decoy: Create...
  • Wiki Page: Dark Souls Boss Strategies(A-Z)**SPOILER ALERT**

    Note: For videos of each boss battle, please visit this link. This guide made possible by and players like you. Thank you. Asylum Demon Obviously, the easiest boss in the game. From the top where you enter the arena through the white fog, fall while holding the attack button. You will...
  • Wiki Page: Everything About Pyromancy-The User's Guide

    For those of you who have chosen "pyromancer" as their starting class or have learned pyromancy sometime in your adventure, it's safe to say that pyromancy is one of the most powerful weapons to have in your arsenal. However, being Dark Souls, it takes time to learn all the tricks, locations...
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