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List Of All Sorceries, Pyromancies, and Miracles

Dark Souls

List Of All Sorceries, Pyromancies, and Miracles


  • Soul Arrow(A projectile spell that shoots a piercing light at enemies)
  • Great Soul Arrow(Higher than Soul Arrow and longer cast time)
  • Heavy Soul Arrow(Higher than Great Soul Arrow and longer cast time)
  • Great Heavy Soul Arrow(Higher than Heavy Soul Arrow and highest cast time)
  • Aural Decoy: Create a sound in the distance to lure away enemies
  • Cast Light: Casts a bright light around your surroundings
  • Chameleon: Transform into a vase, pot, or plant, depending on location.
  • Crystal Magic Weapon: High magic & crystallization on right weapon(Catalyst must be in left hand)
  • Soul Spear: Fire a soul spear
  • Crystal Soul Spear: Higher than a Soul Spear
  • Fall Control: Reduce damage and noise from fall
  • Hidden Body: Turn almost fully invisible
  • Hidden Weapon: Turn right weapon invisible
  • Homing Soulmass: Create up to five orbs of light to attack an enemy
  • Homing Crystal Soulmass:: More powerful than the Homing Soulmass
  • Hush: Masks all noises of the caster
  • Magic Shield: A shield augmentation that increases stability, even in small shields. 
  • Strong Magic Shield: More powerful than Magic Shield
  • Magic Weapon: A weapon augmentation for the right hand weapon(Catalyst must be in left hand)
  • Great Magic Weapon: Higher augmentation than Magic Weapon
  • Remedy: Reduce bleeding and poison
  • Repair: Repair equipment or armor
  • Resist Curse: Undo a curse at the sacrifice of Humanity
  • White Dragon Breath: Emits the breath of Seath the Scaleless


  • Acid Surge: Unleash an acidic cloud
  • Chaos Storm: Causes pillars of fire to erupt around the player. Power based on humanity
  • Chaos Fire Whip: Sweep foes with a chaotic fire whip that changes strength based on humanity
  • Combustion: Ignite an enemy by unleash flames from your finger tips
  • Great Combustion: Summon a burst of fire to ignite enemies
  • Fire Orb: A ball of flame that explodes upon impact.
  • Fire Surge: Shoot a stream of fire out of your hands like a flamethrower
  • Fire Ball: More powerful than a Fire Orb
  • Great Fire Ball: Powerful than a Fire Ball
  • Firestorm: Create a storm of fire around the caster, causing an Area of Effect
  • Flash Sweat: Cover the caster in water
  • Great Chaos Fire Ball: Hurl a huge fireball that leaves behind lava
  • Iron Flesh: At the loss of not being able to run or dodge, the caster's body is now made of metal
  • Power Within: Uses the caster's soul to increase attack and defense while draining health
  • Poison Mist: Create a mist that causes enemies to become infected with Poison
  • Toxic Mist: Create a mist that causes enemies to become Toxic


  • Heal: Recover a small amount of HP
  • Great Heal Excerpt: Recover a large amount of HP
  • Seek Guidance: Talk to an Undead
  • Force: Release a burst of energy that does not cause any damage, but can stun enemies
  • Homeward: Return to your last bonfire
  • Lightning Spear: Throw a javelin of lightning at an enemy
  • Great Lightning Spear: More powerful than Lightning Spears
  • Sunlight Blade: Boost right weapons with rays of the Sun(lightning)
  • Great Magic Barrier: Cover body in a powerful defensive coating
  • Vow of Silence: Prevent casting of magic within the area of effect