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Dark Souls

Teaser Trailer Is Full Of Things That Will Probably Kill You

From Software's upcoming action/RPG Dark Souls is gearing up to kill you. In the game, I mean. What better way to prepare yourself than by watching this creepy teaser trailer?

Talking about games wanting to kill you reminds of the time a friend of mine was playing Diablo II, trying to level his first hardcore character online (where if you die, the character is deleted forever). He's having some trouble with the first boss, Andariel, so he joins a game called Kill Andy Now (the colloquial term for Andariel) on Battle.net looking for some help from his fellow adventurers.

Of course, he gets killed by a player 30 levels his senior as soon as he goes through the waypoint.

My friend's name? Andy. Obviously.

Remember: If it looks like something on the Internet is trolling you, it probably is.

Anyway, Dark Souls comes out on October 4 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Phil's Gamescom preview is your best bet to learn actual things about the game instead of looking at pretty videos in the meantime.

  • Can't wait!
  • oh man, i was on the fence before but this trailer has me leaning heavily towards the side of buying
  • I already have this beauty pre-ordered I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • Im probably not going to get this ( I generally dont like playing overly difficult games). But from what i have seen and read about this game, it seems that this might give elder scrolls a run for its money.
  • first the faithful knights of grim the lord of sunlight look a lot like Yurt the silent chief from Demon souls, armor wise. and second this trailer is awesome, kinda has an lotr feel to it but still very unique. love it

  • It's insane how my eyes are tuned to the word Diablo. The moment I opened up this article my eyes zoomed over to that, I mean... I wasn't even scanning, I was reading from top left and somehow caught it in my peripheral...
  • Cool video.

  • Reading the story of D2 made me want to go make a new hardcore character.  Thanks Adam.

  • Oh boy!

  • Article says the game comes out on October 4th and trailer says 7th, which are we to laugh at for being wrong!? D:
  • It looks like there will be characters who are actually important to the story this time, as opposed to Demon's Souls which had named characters but only King Allant really mattered.
  • that was kool i might have to check out 1st one i read a couple of days ago that the 1st is hard ill b the judge of that

  • That was a great story, I feel bad for hardcore characters that get troll killed, but nothing beats having $16,000 worth of virtual stuff stolen from you in an MMO heist (reference to an event in EVE online).

  • can't wait for this, just beat Demon Souls and loved every death of it

  • bring it i can't wait to die :)

  • Just pre order this. I don't want my collectors edition to get sold out.
  • I can't wait for this game much longer. Guess I'll just have to work on Demon's Souls while I wait.

  • Mod

    That Was a creepy trailer. I even think it featured the Spectre briefly. :)

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