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High marks for an old game.

So I was really surprised how much I was disappointed in this game.  First, it had absolutely nothing to do with the difficulty.  In fact, it's not really hard.  It feels exactly like the old nintendo days where it was just trail and error over and over until you got it.  Think Mega Man, Castlevania, Contra, etc.

What really turned me off from this game were the following:  The story absolutely sucks.  Sorry can't buy any argument here, but if I hear them say Undead one more time *facepalm.*  Next up was the environment.  I read a ton saying it's *atmospheric*, sorry, it's dull and empty.  The last problem was something I just said in the beginning, it feels like an old game. 

I'm not against nostalgia, I see a lot of players welcomed this type of game.  But this game feels like an old game, and plays like an old game.  Full of all it's good challenge (which I love) but full of the old day's archaic gaming problems.

Again fully surprised that this game turned out a disappointment to me, but also as much shocked that it received as much high praise that it did.  I could buy into consistent reviews in the 7 to 8s, but this game ended up being just ....meh, to me.

  • How many youtube playthrough videos did you watch before playing this game? Also, How does the game feel old? Can you point to one archaic gaming problems? Can you even define that in the context of the game? Let me ask you; which path did you take? Path of the dragon, darkmoon or darkwraith?
  • the story is good :(

    you probs just didnt like how the story was told