Saying dark souls is hard is an understatement, This game is nearly IMPOSSIBLE, But is that a bad thing? No.

Dark souls takes place in the wonderfull, yet doomed kingdom of lordran, where you start off in an undead asylum, of course as an undead. And as you make your way through you fight (and kill) a demon, which gives you your ticket out of there, as you make your way to the top of a small hill, you get a view of the whole kingdom. Then a bir comes along and swoops you away.

The difficulty in dark souls is honestly up there with contra and ninja gaiden, but it's also fun and time consuming too. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment after each kill, like for example there is a tough enemy ahead, no matter how much you try you cannot kill it, so you make up a new tactic and you finally kill it, then it makes you feel like the biggest badass the world has ever seen!

Now, the weapons and armor are varied and each have theit own pros and cons, like for example, wearing heavy armor will slow you down, but provide you with extra defense, but wearing light armor on the other hand makes you light as a feather, but gives you low defense, also strength puts in a big part on the weapons and armor too, like if your strength level is low and you equip a heavy weapon, your character will swing it around like a baby carrying a brick (not that iv'e ever done that to a baby).

Now the graphics, are the best graphics in 2011! they are amazing, look at a picture of anor londo and tell me it's not amazing! You will go to many places, like deep dark forests, or an abandoned city. and they all give you a sense of impending doom! And the enemies also go with the scary envornments.


Anyway, dark souls is an amazing game,and it's well worth your time and money, i hope you enjoyed this review.