I agree with Phil's comments and most of the other reviews. Trying to figure out which direction will lead to further advancement in the game is almost impossible without looking at the walk-through, and it is possible to drop or have Frampt eat a ring that will limit your chances for progression. Strategic planning in the leveling up system takes time to develop, but it is fun going through the process. The music is rather dull, but the design makes sense because sounds can attract enemies (or tell you where they are in tight or dark spaces) or stealth can be used to sneak in a back stab. The fighting skills for both the character and the enemies are top notch. The fight modes have been slowed down (so it becomes strategic, not a spastic button pushing affair to wear out your thumb) to engage in more detailed and functional battles with each weapon requiring different timing strategies to be effective. You have to be very cautious in attacking and defense since stamina levels effect both abilities, which is a totally innovative concept (at least that I have ever seen). The weapons, armor, and magic skills are extremely creative and keep the game interesting and ever-changing throughout progression. The only problems I saw were slow frame rates in graphic intensive areas sometimes, and the auto targeting would cause your direction to change if you were out of range (and by the time you correct your position you are out of position or killed).  The game is extremely difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it... it still is very difficult but really fun. This game is for hardcore players who want a challenge for sure. Kudos to the developers for their creativity in game design, art design, and playability. All gaming fanatics should buy this game. I find it hard to believe, but sales have been unimpressive (only 380k copies at last check), so please get out there and buy this game. The developers need incentives to continue to take more risks in innovation and design.