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New Dark Souls PC Screenshots

Namco Bandai released new screenshots for Dark Souls on PC. Take a look at some of the new foes you'll be facing off against.

The screens show off several of the new bosses you'll be battling, as well as new NPCs, locations, and weapons. Are you ready to die over and over again?

Dark Souls "Prepare to Die" edition is due out worldwide on August 24.

  • PLEASE give this content to consoles as DLC.
  • I cannot wait to buy this =D

  • Are consoles getting any new content?
  • never played it...what is it about and is it good?...
  • DLC content, please!

  • Hmm think its time to seel my PS3 Special Edition. What put me off was the framarate issues on PS3. I hope PC will be fluid
  • Whoa, I did not know the pc version was going to get extra stuff added to it. Guess I'll be buying this game again.
  • That armor is awesome. I hope they release this stuff on console,I don't have a PC powerful enough to run this game.
  • If they do not release a console patch, I am highly considering getting this on my PC.  I can't get enough Dark Souls.

  • PLEASE!!!!! Give our console players this DLC!!!!!

  • They had better not add this to PC without giving it to the console version's owners as free DLC.
  • DLC please! I absolutely love this game I got it on the first day of release and I'm still thoroughly enhjoying the meticulously crafted world of Lordran. PC players, don't miss this amazing opportunity you will not regret purchasing this game!

  • Release date for console *Free* DLC or GTFO Love you From Software :)
  • they have to give this to consoles as DLC. That would just be down right ridiculous if they didnt.

  • Gorgeous! Looks like I'm picking this up on PC now as well.

  • I need to hop on this bandwagon

  • WTF! I would be seriously pissed if they don't give this to consoles as DLC. Come on now. I supported Fromsoftware by buying both Demon Souls & Dark Souls. What did PC user do to get more additional content than us, when we're the ones who supported you guys from the start? I seriously HOPE there will be DLC for consoles.
  • amazing artwork

  • Beat this game 3 times and ready to beat it again. Please release this onto to consoles so I do not have to buy the game again.

  • just beat dark souls. I want more.

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