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  • Blog Post: Dark's E3 Trailer Sticks To The Shadows

    Vampires are all about sneaking around under the cover of darkness, and the new E3 trailer for Dark excels at just that. The game, developed by Realmforge Studios, features a vampire bent on taking down the Geoforge corporation one stealthy kill at a time. You'll be able to upgrade your skills as... More
  • Blog Post: More Dark Screens Emerge From The Shadows

    You can't take down the Geoforge corporation by storming the gates, so vampire Eric Bane has to do it the stealthy way. Kalypso Media and developer Realmforge Studios have released some new screens for the game (down in the gallery below), and although they don't show the full range of what Bane... More
  • Blog Post: Eric Bane Destroys Enemies Using Vampiric Powers In New Dark Trailer

    Eric Bane has just been granted a second chance at life, if a life is what you want to call it. In this new trailer for the upcoming stealth-action game, Dark, we see Bane tear his way through town using his new vampire powers to bring down the conglomerate, Geoforge. The trailer showcases a number of... More
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