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New Trailer For Dark Shows Off Vampiric Abilities

Dark puts players in control of a vampire with supernatural powers, and the latest trailer for Kalypso Media's action/stealth title highlights those powers. See the main character perform shadowy leaps, shadowy kills, and various other shadowy things.

Watch the video below to see skills like Vampire Vision, Shadow Kill, and the less ominous Distract.

For more Dark, check out this trailer from GDC.

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  • So what platform is this really for? It's listed as PC in the article header but at the end of the trailer it shows an XBOX 360 game case.
  • It looks terrible.

  • Looks okay.  I could see it being a cult hit.

  • This has serious case of the meh's and should probably see somebody about it.

  • Yeah, I just can't be optimistic about this anymore. My optimism level has reached its cap with Remember Me and other games that might not see a lot of attention but may still be good, and this game just doesn't look like it will be that.

    That distraction move is so stupid. A flash of light right in front of you and you think its somebody? Also I did not notice any dark areas, so the fact that he was never detected shows that this game won't be difficult. It reminds me of Spliner Cell: Conviction's Rookie difficulty, where it's only a "stealth" game because the AI is blind and can't see you when you're standing right in front of them in the light.

  • It looks alright! Not that bad.
  • This looks awful,unpolished and the art style seems dull.Might be a rent

  • yeah doesnt really look like anything special

  • Vampire vision,

    we all know where THAT one came from.

  • Looks Aight.

  • seems like an unpolished 3rd person deus ex to me
  • So let me do the math for you guys really quickly Assasin's creed hood + Dishonered stealth + Deus Ex + mediocre cell shaded graphic = Dark My prediction 5/10 by game informer.
  • I was originally really excited about this game, but it looks pretty awful in this trailer. The powers are lame. It's Dishonored with cel-shaded graphics, a third-person view, and crappy visual effects for the powers.

  • I'll wait for Lords of Shadow 2

  • Meh.

  • I think this will be a great game, it will be nostalgic for people that loved the first MSG and other mainly stealth games. Too bad that people think that this game is crap.

  • Now I'm pessimistic about the game. Looks mediocre, nothing more.

  • The graphics/style doesn't look that special. But the game looks pretty neat overall. I'll keep remaining optimistic about this game.

  • It's looking a little better I guess...

  • the character movement doesn't look fluid at all

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