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so god of war for people without a PS3?

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  •  I know this game is no where near as good as the god of war series, and i still hate myself for not having for not having a PS3. I've only really been able to experience the God of War series through the one I have for my PSP, which is just not enough. But I'm a college student and DO NOT have the money to go drop on a PS3, So what I am asking people is, since i have not experienced the GoW game series on a console system, would buying Dante's Inferno used for the 360 be a good alternative to buying a PS3 and GoW? Just so i can at least see what the game style is like on a console without dropping a ton of money.

  • I would call it a second-rate alternative, but yeah, it'll give you the general idea. I can't pretend to be a fan of DI but the gameplay is very similar to God of War, like the review says.

  • alright thanks

  • God of War is an awesome series and Ya Donte's Inferno is a lot like it but the story is pretty cool and if you are into the hack and slash games like God of War I'm pretty sure you will enjoy yourself.  Heck, even God of War is feeling a little God of Wari'sh these days.

  • Now why does Dante's Inferno have to be labeled as a cheap God of War knock off?  I understand that the gameplay is extremely similar, but it isn't the same game.  Dante's Inferno is the retelling of a classical poem that has been around for ages.  If people want to complain about how similar the two games are then allow them to, but a person shouldn't take them completely to heart.  All media these days are extremely similar, it is really hard to come up with something entirely original.  For example,  how many World War 2 shooters have come out in the last decade.  Shooter games in general all play the same except that they all have different little tweaks.  Aim gun here, pull trigger, fill enemy with lead or energy, enemy dies, run a little, repeat.  In all honesty, I felt that this game played almost exactly like Ninja Gaiden II while playing the scythe.  But, I have heard no comments about that.  I hope this helped.

  • Whenever a hack n slash action game releases, it's inevitably compared to either Devil May Cry or God of War.  It kinda pisses me off that either reviewers complain about how a game is too similar to DMC or GoW or how a game doesn't do things to the same degree that either game does.  I think reviewers and gamers in general should be a lot more open-minded about games that have similarities to big-name titles and not immediately compare them to one another.



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