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Dante's Inferno Blog Guidelines
  • This game felt like hell (not in a good way).

    At first I was impressed, the gameplay was good and the story was somewhat interesting but as I played I noticed the quality drop more and more. I thought I would have to fight through all 7 circles of hell (greed, lust, hate, envy, etc) and face 7 unique... More
  • Non chistan game or catholic.

    Looks terrible no more comment. More
  • The Sin of Mediocrity

    Like hell itself Dante's Inferno resurects God of War as a skeletal thrall, but builds something around it that is, quite simply, missing the soul that its source of inspiration exudes with every step. What is created seems more like a mercifully... More
  • I want a sequel

    Dante's Inferno to me was a great game, hard at times but *** good. I would really like to see a sequel come out. Lots of action and a killer story. I loved it. Come on make a sequel cause I myself for sure will get it. More
  • A Tiresome Journey

    I played Dante's Inferno months after its release, and I was fully aware of the reviews given by other gamers and critics. Dante's Inferno is, at times, a shameless clone of God of War, and a very poor one at that. The action is fluid and interesting... More
  • Dante's Inferno: An underrated Hack and Slash Through Hell

    Dante's Inferno catches a lot of flak for being a complete and blatant rip off of God of War. Well...yea. That is what it is. They might as well have put the God of War team in the credits right after the Visceral Games studio. That being said, it... More
  • If Dante Were A Crusader...

    R eceiving Dante’s Inferno from far from its release date, I am well aware that most things to be noted about this game have most likely already been said. Having said that, my current boredom ( and qualms with this game, for that matter... More
  • Very nice alternative to God of War

    Here is my take on Dante's Inferno, For me I was hooked when the church started crumbling to the ground and you were upon Hell's gates in a matter of minutes. From the demon grunts you face all the way to Satan himself you will find all kinds... More
  • A horrifying masterpiece.

    a beautifuly done game with a constant pace of action and intense fight that every gamer will love. a bloody action that is one of my all time favorites. i truely love this game. iits very hardcore. gameplay was amazing and i was addicted frome hour one... More
  • Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here

    Score 7.5/10 Dante's Inferno Xbox 360/PS3 Developer: Visceral Games Publisher: EA Release Date: February 9, 2010 Pros : Slew of magic and relics allow you to customize to preferred style, morality affecting combat allows for further customization... More
  • The Divine Comedy indeed.....not really..........for the 360!!!!

    This is not a bad game by any means. I know the game is Loosely based on The Divine Comedy. So the story line is good not the best mind you but good. Game play need a little work tho. I'd say rent it see if you like it then buy it. All this game did... More
  • Dante's Inferno is Divine.

    I had a lot of fun playing this game. It had such diversity. The part where you had to fight the prisoners was meh-ish, but the fight with Death set the beginning on fire. You feel so awesome after you defeat him and take his syth. The level designs were... More
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