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  • Blog Post: Non chistan game or catholic.

    Looks terrible no more comment. More
  • Blog Post: The Sin of Mediocrity

    Like hell itself Dante's Inferno resurects God of War as a skeletal thrall, but builds something around it that is, quite simply, missing the soul that its source of inspiration exudes with every step. What is created seems more like a mercifully short trip into doldrums than the fiery circls of... More
  • Blog Post: Dante's Inferno: An underrated Hack and Slash Through Hell

    Dante's Inferno catches a lot of flak for being a complete and blatant rip off of God of War. Well...yea. That is what it is. They might as well have put the God of War team in the credits right after the Visceral Games studio. That being said, it is a fun rip off, and one that takes all the good... More
  • Blog Post: If Dante Were A Crusader...

    R eceiving Dante’s Inferno from far from its release date, I am well aware that most things to be noted about this game have most likely already been said. Having said that, my current boredom ( and qualms with this game, for that matter ) keep me from passing over this review. So I’ll... More
  • Blog Post: Very nice alternative to God of War

    Here is my take on Dante's Inferno, For me I was hooked when the church started crumbling to the ground and you were upon Hell's gates in a matter of minutes. From the demon grunts you face all the way to Satan himself you will find all kinds of gruesome and terrifying foes during your path through... More
  • Blog Post: A horrifying masterpiece.

    a beautifuly done game with a constant pace of action and intense fight that every gamer will love. a bloody action that is one of my all time favorites. i truely love this game. iits very hardcore. gameplay was amazing and i was addicted frome hour one. one of the few games i would strongly recommend... More
  • Blog Post: The Divine Comedy indeed.....not really..........for the 360!!!!

    This is not a bad game by any means. I know the game is Loosely based on The Divine Comedy. So the story line is good not the best mind you but good. Game play need a little work tho. I'd say rent it see if you like it then buy it. All this game did for me help pass the time till God of War 3. (This... More
  • Blog Post: Dante's Inferno is Divine.

    I had a lot of fun playing this game. It had such diversity. The part where you had to fight the prisoners was meh-ish, but the fight with Death set the beginning on fire. You feel so awesome after you defeat him and take his syth. The level designs were amazing and compelling. I had to stop and look... More
  • Blog Post: Sorely Disappointed

    I was a huge fan of the God of War series but had never owned any of the actual games aside from Chains of Olympus on PSP (still my favorite PSP game to date). Having had an Xbox 360 for a little over a year i was yearning for some GoW style action game from some time. This game seemed the answer to... More
  • Blog Post: Shokingly good

    I found this game is quite interesting and good, but its not for little children, i played the demo and this definately a game for the mature people, but i recomend to all who are old enough More
  • Blog Post: Hell gets scary

    Dante's Inferno is one of those games that'll make you think. When playing through the game, I found myself constantly shouting at the screen in surprise because of highly imaginative and horrifyingly brutal looking creatures and bosses. But even more so than the shockingly hellish looking beasts... More
  • Blog Post: Hell is Not for the Feint of Heart

    Dante’s Inferno is the highly controversial game based on The Divine Comedy . In this game, you play as the Templar Dante, who returns home to see that his wife has been murdered. Her spirit appears to him and is quickly whisked away to Hell. It is now up to Dante to traverse the nine circles of... More
  • Blog Post: eh

    I want to like this game...i really want to. But the puzzles are annoying and repetitive, the instant death pits annoy me to no end, and the mismatched fights make me scream! other than that though, its a fun game great level design (at least for the first 4 circles) More
  • Blog Post: A Journey Through Hell, Ofcourse it's fun!

    Just because we think we have seen this one before does not mean we shouldn't give this game a try and end up really enjoying ourselves. God of War gameplay mixed with a great music score, crazy over the top settings and bosses make Dante's Inferno a game that most will find hard not to get into... More
  • Blog Post: I Think I'm Really in Hell...

    You travel through nine circles of hell. You fight demons twenty times your size. You run across bridges that are collapsing. You ride monsters the size of three godzillas. So why is it when I played this game I felt underwhelmed? Thing is Dante does have some great moments but is ruined by many small... More
  • Blog Post: Dante meets graphic action.

    Shades engulfed in fire plummet from the sky as I hang tightly onto darkened walls that barely encase the limbs writhing beneath my grasp. Souls cry out for forgiveness, and scream in agony. As I drop down I am greeted by the soul of Virgil, my guide and master throughout this god forsaken place. I grasp... More
  • Blog Post: Rate to balance the score. I finished the game 2 times...

    It's a fare review with fare score... why fan boys try to support rip off games? So that game companies don't need any new ideas to make money. They produce clone games like this all the time... I have finished the game twice. Once on normal once on hard. 1. The environment isn't diverse... More
  • Blog Post: Since when is a game not a rip off of anything else?

    I remember the first time I ever played GOW... I remember thinking to myself "geez.. this plays a lot like Devil May Cry...." Like the original review said, Its not a bad thing that Dante's inferno plays a lot like GOW Like it was never a bad thing that GOW played like Devil may cry. I... More
  • Blog Post: Stop making reviews from a demo

    Why hate until you participate! More
  • Blog Post: tried to copy but no cigar

    this is horrible how you going to succeed trying to copy sombody´s performance and originality ,this crap its the badly made copy of god of war its so lame trying to copy off somebody else it always comes out wrong ,its just you never put no effort in it thats why it comes out so lame. More
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