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  • Blog Post: The Sin of Mediocrity

    Like hell itself Dante's Inferno resurects God of War as a skeletal thrall, but builds something around it that is, quite simply, missing the soul that its source of inspiration exudes with every step. What is created seems more like a mercifully short trip into doldrums than the fiery circls of... More
  • Blog Post: A Tiresome Journey

    I played Dante's Inferno months after its release, and I was fully aware of the reviews given by other gamers and critics. Dante's Inferno is, at times, a shameless clone of God of War, and a very poor one at that. The action is fluid and interesting for the first few hours but quickly becomes... More
  • Blog Post: The End is Nigh...

    Dante's Inferno is a third-person action adventure title produced by the videogame industry's top grossing company, Electronic Arts. It is their 1st successful entry into the genre, accompanied by full fledged marketing campaigns, Super Bowl ads, pre-order extras, free downloadable content and... More
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