I played Dante's Inferno months after its release, and I was fully aware of the reviews given by other gamers and critics.  Dante's Inferno is, at times, a shameless clone of God of War, and a very poor one at that.  The action is fluid and interesting for the first few hours but quickly becomes tiresome, trite, and repetitive.  When traversing environments, certain platforming elements such as sliding multiple flesh poles are unnecessary and annoying.  The ending sequence of the game (i.e. ten trials) is poorly executed and superfluous.  I did not finish this game before I lost patience with the disjointed and nonsensical story.

On the positive side, Dante's Inferno is a beautiful game with great in-game graphics and excellent CG cutscenes.  The sound effects and music are top notch.

Dante's Inferno is worth a rental but not a purchase.