Here is my take on Dante's Inferno,

         For me I was hooked when the church started crumbling to the ground and you were upon Hell's gates in a matter of minutes. From the demon grunts you face all the way to Satan himself you will find all kinds of gruesome and terrifying foes during your path through Hell. One of the things I was amazed with is the level of detail throughout all the circles. Each circle has a very distinct "character" as you will, that had my eyes wide open. 

        Some parts of the game can be somewhat monotonous and leave you wanting more. For me I found these to be a lack of move set for each weapon. Maybe they could have included more weapons for Dante to use. Another thing is the enemies in the game didn't really live up to my expectations of what the inhabitants of Hell really looked like. Also you don't really get the feeling of you are the ultimate warrior like you would with playing Kratos in God of War.

        If you are one of the many who don't have both platforms and can enjoy both Dante and God of War, Dante can keep you playing for hours. To me it isn't even supposed to be compared to God of War, but many will take shots at it. If I could go back to the time I payed 60 dollars for the game, I would buy it again and again. I think the game offers many memorable moments including challenging boss fights, mind-boggling puzzles, and like I mentioned before the scenery throughout the game. This game does have it's drawbacks but it doesn't even come close to outweighing the fun you will have with this game. 


Kerry Amos