I had a lot of fun playing this game. It had such diversity. The part where you had to fight the prisoners was meh-ish, but the fight with Death set the beginning on fire. You feel so awesome after you defeat him and take his syth.

 The level designs were amazing and compelling. I had to stop and look at the damned who were impaled along the way and Hell was creepy in it's self. The only level designs that were primitive were those of the maleboges (which was my least favorite part of the game as well).  The way the damned screamed and talked as you go by set the mood of the game. It's no stroll through.

Combat was fun, especially if you max out all holy and unholy powers. You feel invincible when you have all the powers and moves, but are proven wrong on Infernal difficulty. The only movement type thing I had a problem with was jumping in certain areas. Sometimes you couldn't see where you were jumping very clearly and would fall to your death numerous times.

The damned on the way give you the choice of absolving or punishing. I usually absolved, because the shades would make you feel like the devil's servant punishing and leaving them in hell.

Overall this game was great. It had some kinks, but you could get past them, especially in the last boss battle with Lucifer. It was a challenge to fight him, even with all powers and upgrades.

I know that many people complain about the game being short, but in The Divine Comedy, each circle is broken up into 1 to 2 cantos, which are maybe a page and a half. Another thing is that Dante was a poet, and was being guided through hell by Virgil, but Dante WAS trying to find Beatrice at the bottom of hell, to be lead to heaven. How would you make a good game of someone just walking through hell?