I was a huge fan of the God of War series but had never owned any of the actual games aside from Chains of Olympus on PSP (still my favorite PSP game to date). Having had an Xbox 360 for a little over a year i was yearning for some GoW style action game from some time.

This game seemed the answer to my prayers. Well after playing through it i just wasn't too satisfied. For some reason it just did not leave me wanting more, in fact it made me wish I'd spent my time playing something else.

Gameplay was actually quite well executed thankfully. The controls were tight and very intuitive. The stationary camera just pissed me off though. It made simple jumps in platforming sequences a mere leap of faith. Also i found the puzzles to be very stupid an more of a chore than anything else.

The combat has potential for great depth with the different relic, magic and special moves to be unlocked. Different enemy types require different strategies, sadly there aren't many different types and causes the combat to go stale in the lower circles. No new strategies are introduced and you can usually just breeze through spamming the cross attacks.

The boss fights in this game however are passable but none seem to match the epicness of any from the God of War series, hell i thought Darksiders' boss fights were better (aside from the last one and Griever).

The story of the game is somewhat interesting at first, then after seeing what Dante has done you kind of feel like you're playing as an ***. The ending caught me a little off guard but was quite ridiculous.


All in all, this game is fairly short and certainly not worth the $60 price of a new game. If you're looking for a fun hack n' slash adventure to play over a weekend or two Dante's Inferno just might pique your interest.