NIS America has a special adventure title on its hands, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Not much information has been revealed about it yet, but at a recent NIS Tokyo Game Show press event, I talked to the producer and got some details.

Danganronpa is already a popular series over in Japan, with two games and an anime, so NIS America is hoping it takes off in America as well. The time is ripe as visual novels like Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward are turning more heads than ever.  NIS America is bringing Trigger Happy Havoc stateside and it is a self-contained title; you don't have to have any knowledge of the Danganronpa to enjoy it.

Danganronpa  isn't your ordinary adventure involving high school students. Even the producer Yoshinori Terasawa had reservations about bringing it to the West. See, Danganronpa's plot was inspired by Battle Royale (similar to the Hunger Games), so the premise revolves around high school students having to kill each other. The concept is based on Darwin's survival of the fittest theory and what people will do to stay alive. Luckily, NIS America had such faith in the adventure game that it convinced Terasawa he had to let North American audiences experience the twisted story.

Details are still thin even after my meeting with Terasawa, but he confirmed that you play as one main character named Makoto Naegi. He encounters a slew of different personalities in his pursuit to stay alive, including a programmer and skilled swimmer. The school the students attend is for gifted children, so everyone has their own trait that puts them a step ahead of the average joe. Oh, and did we mention that the person who runs the school is a demented bear, Monokumo? Check out the photo of Terasawa and the bear below for good measure. I bet Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc has your attention now.