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Share The Spotlight In Dance Central 2 Via Simultaneous Multiplayer

At Microsoft's press briefing yesterday, Harmonix announced a sequel to hit dance title Dance Central. As a fan of music games, Dance Central has been my favorite Kinect title thus far, so imagine my excitement when I got to check out the latest installment at the Dance Central 2 stage on the show floor.

In the original Dance Central, two players took turns shaking their groove thing for the high score. This time around Dance Central 2 features simultaneous multiplayer (two players can dance together at the same time). A member of the booth staff was kind enough to join me in busting a move on the show floor.

Menu navigation in Dance Central 2 is just as responsive as it was in the original so my selection of Far East Movement's "Like A G6" was a breeze. During the routine the staff member and I followed the dance cards scrolling along the right side of the screen, and even with two players in motion in front of Kinect, the sensor didn't miss a beat. After the ridiculous freestyle section and the hilarious replay, our performances were scored (I won, of course) and I walked away itching to play the rest of the track list. With Dance Central 2's new tracks, moves, and head-to-head multiplayer, I couldn't be more excited to hit the dance floor once again with Kinect.

Similar to Rock Band, you can import tracks and DLC from the original Dance Central. Here are the tracks that have been announced so far:

  • Rihanna – “Rude Boy”
  • Nicki Minaj – “Massive Attack”
  • Montell Jordan – “This Is How We Do It”
  • La Roux – “Bulletproof”
  • Far East Movement – “Like a G6”
  • B.o.B featuring Bruno Mars – “Nothin’ on You”
  • Bananarama – “Venus”
  • Usher – “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Dance Central 2 from Harmonix:

  • one of the only kinect games I liked the first time around, and the multiplayer aspect was the major let down before now if only they could have female and male dance routines implemented as well.

  • Dance Central was the tittle that had me interested in Kinect last year.With this annoucement and the other kinect tittles like gunstringer,ryse,me3 I think this will be the year that I will be buying a Kinect.

  • This is exciting. I really liked Dance Central and it's actually the reason I got a Kinect. The new things they're doing with it are exciting! ^_^

  • Hate dancing, sooooo, eh.

  • I hate these games, they're getting to be as bad as the guitar hero and rock band oversaturation we eventually experienced.
  • Odd song choice, seeing as how that song is terrible.

    Nice to see a sequel I suppose, since this was one of the 'better' Kinect titles. Personally, I used to enjoy DDR, but I really haven't gotten into any of these current gen dance titles. Or music titles really, although it seems like there a number of good songs available.

    Also, the Asian woman seemed very enthusiastic.
  • G6! OOOHHHHHH!!!

  • rather go dance at a club or bar